Sunday, October 21, 2012

Takin' Care of Bizznezzz...

Yesterday we did very little to note.  We slept.  We ate.  We played.  We crafted.  We slept some more.

It was delightful.  I graded nothing.  I planned nothing.  I played some video games when everyone else passed out.  Whee!

Today?  It was back in the swing of things, with laundry, lesson planning, cooking, cleaning, and all the rest of the real world stuff that gets chucked to the wayside when things get hairy.  

However, Amelie got her appetite back with a vengeance this weekend.  She's been eating like crazy.  She ate several helpings of the pasta that I cook for her, and then ate more after that.  Plus Juice.  Plus, Plus.  Loving seeing her eating again.

On the other side, her hair is still going, going..and will soon be gone.  Such is life, right?  

First, a few housekeeping things:

A few great friends that I work with that apparently think I'm a decent human being got together and bought us a canvas print of the picture that I was raving about way back in the first week of this whole adventure.  They used a service called PhotoWow that changes the print into a hyper-real version of the original print.  
We finally got it hung up with the lull in things...

With Amelie's b-day in the hospital, we got a lot of balloons for her.  She loved the crap out of them.

Even though it was Amelie's birthday that scored her this balloon, this one was quickly scooped up by Anya, and it was "hers" from then on.

The hospital has really nice cakes for birthdays!  They sent 3 small cakes, and they were actually quite good....and I hate cake!  I took a single bite to test if they were as awful as I thought.  It was completely tolerable, and that's a huge compliment from the Dude who doesn't like cake.  I also don't like hot fruit. I'm a weirdo.  The Adler family ate dessert every night of their lives.  Strzalkowski's (at least our branch), never had dessert.  <Throwing the Mom under the BUS!>  It's a rare day when I care about dessert.

As I've said several times before, Anya is LOVING the medical play that she was introduced to.  Shel keeps.....acquiring new stuff at the hospital.  Things that they end up not using and are going to toss in the trash...or already have.  <Throwing the wife under the bus!>

I came up on Anya getting ready for Amelie's next "surgery".

Amelie was ready to have her experiments start again...with the proper pillows for her head, of course.  This girl loves pillows now.  Before this started, she'd never had a pillow.  Shel is super concerned with safety, and all that.  So she goes into the hospital, and BOOM...pillows everwhere in the hospital.  Of course, if your head was recently cut open in back, you'd probably want a little bit of cushion everywhere too.  So we're alright with it now.  

I made this picture extra small, for those of you who are a bit squeamish.  I've had inquiries from those who wanted to see how her incision is healing.  The top part, which was always much wider and scarier looking, is still scabbed over. 
The bottom part (and the top of the head) incisions are completely healed. 

For those who want to know about our medical itinerary for the week:
  • Shel has a blood draw in Ann Arbor to check her blood counts.  If they are holding their own post hospitalization and post-Neupagen.
  • She then has physical therapy in Ann Arbor as well.
  • Wednesday will be start of Chemo:  Round 2, if her blood counts are holding up.
  • If that's the case, we'll be hospitalized for Wednesday - Saturday again, for the chemo applications.  
  • If not, they'll give her a week to heal up and then start it next Wednesday.
Time for me to sign off, and finish up my work stuff for the night.  Hope all is well for all of you.  :)